little letters: durham bulls edition

one of my favorite bloggers does a post from time to time called "little letters", which basically consists of random thoughts and thank you's.  i enjoy reading it so much, i decided to do my own "little letters" post specific to our evening last night at the durham bulls game.  but first, here's some pictures for ya:

dear summer,  thank you for finally returning!  you're without a doubt my favorite season (even if i was profusely sweating prior to sundown).

dear baseball,  thanks for always having such yummy food staples (veggie dogs and soft pretzels... i'm talking to you)!

dear guy at fan assistance,  thanks for upgrading our seats to a much better location after the ass hats behind us refused to move their feet off of the back of our chairs.

dear general public,  it's really rude to put your dirty shoes on the back of someone's chair literally inches from their head.

dear bodysuits,  i'm so glad you are back in style!  even though you can make going to the bathroom a bit of a challenge sometimes, you still look just as cute tucked into a pair of ripped denim shorts as you did in 1992!

dear husband,  thanks for being such a fun date  :)

dear pints of craft beer,  you go hand-in-hand with baseball and taste so good to sip on during the game.... but you provide a pretty gnarly hangover.

dear hangover,  don't you think it's about time you go away?

dear cafe lights,  you can make any space about 10 times prettier when you're strung about!

dear fedora,  don't worry that all the other hats in my closet are jealous of you.  you can jazz up the simplest of outfits and you keep the sun off my face.  you're perfect in every way.

dear 30,  thanks for making the sun, hangovers and the general public a bit less tolerable than they were in my twenties.  i really appreciate that.

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