my home

i'm fortunate enough, that my parents still live in the house i grew up in.  i still refer to that house as "my home", and i believe i always will.  i recently returned from a quick visit, and i always go through a sort of depression once i get back.  not to be too gloomy, but it's the one place i go where i truly feel like myself.  every inch of that house is filled with so many memories, like... the foyer where the easter bunny would leave baskets for my brother and i every easter morning.  or my drafty bedroom where i spent countless hours studying awful subjects like calculus, had sleepovers with my friends, and dreamed of what my life would be like when i grew up (turns out, it's not like an episode of beverly hills 90210 as i had wished).  even our driveway where i would roller skate for hours pretending like i was kristi yamaguchi in the 1992 olympics (man, i sure am dating myself here), and where many tear-filled goodbyes have been said.  

anyways, i guess what i'm trying to say is, that when i go home, it's a reminder of all the changes that have happened over the years... and it makes me sad to think that things won't always be the same as they are now.  my dad won't always be able to wash and detail my car when i come home, my mom won't always be able to spend hours cooking delicious meals in our tiny kitchen, and my dog bentley won't always be there to greet me when i walk through the door.  the biggest part of me want's to quit adulting, move back home, and stop time from turning.  but, until i can make that happen... i suppose all there is to do is to soak in every moment i get to spend at home with those i love the most, and continue to fill our house with memories.

here's a few pics from my weekend, and from my home in florida:

the road leading up to my parents' driveway... the best sight to see after an 8 hour drive!

there's nothing like coffee and homemade blueberry muffins in the morning.

my parents have a legit pet tortoise, timmy.  (post & video of my mom feeding him, here)!

my gorgeous mama!

this little guy owns the biggest piece of my heart!
i'm pretty sure this staghorn fern is older than i am.

spanish moss *sigh*

we've always called this our "family tree" because there's four of them growing together :)

what do you think lives in there?

goodbyes get tougher every time.

the ones i love most!  also, this may have been before another tear-filled goodbye on the driveway.

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  1. I'm so glad you love coming home! We surely do love it when you do! Bentley will never forget you and always let's you know how much he loves you! Wish you were coming back this weekend! Love you! Mom