sunshine and seafood

a few weekends ago was one of the nicest days we've had so far this spring!  i'm talkin' 80 degree weather with clear blue skies!  it also just so happened to coincide with the french market and seafood festival in nearby, lafayette village.  if you've never been, it's the cutest shopping area that literally makes you feel like you've been transported to a village in france!  they have specialty shops for cheeses, olive oils, wine and spices... and they have a few great restaurants too (oh, there's a bottle shop and a crêperie too, which puts it pretty high on my list of places i like to hang out)!  it was our first time attending their annual seafood festival.  we lounged in the sun, drank a few beers, listened to some live jazz, and dined on some steamed oysters.  i already can't wait to go back next year :)

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