five on friday 11.15.13

 whew!  with another week down, it's time for that good 'ol friday linkup!  here are five of my favorite things this week:

1.  shreddin':  i made the very adult decision to finally move towards paying off all my debts.  as someone who regularly has online shopping sprees (buyer's remorse? what's that?), i decided to shred these puppies up and throw them in the trash.  it felt pretty good.

2.  washi storage:  i had a slight obsession with washi tape several months back, and developed a bit of a surplus.  every time i saw some with a cool or pretty design... into the shopping cart it would go!  it was a bit out of control.  well, instead of keeping these pretty little rolls hidden away in a desk drawer, i decided to display them in a glass apothecary jar on my desk!

3.  sweet invitations:  my lovely friend, katie, gave me the cutest and most creative southern-inspired bridesmaid invite this week.  isn't it the cutest?  i of course said yes, and i can't wait to be a part of her big day!

4.  sweet dreams:  so i had this dream wednesday night that i stumbled upon a cronut stand in some obscure city of my dreams, and i ate cronut after cronut.  it was so real... the surgary crunch with every bite and the way every cronut layer melted in my mouth.  oh, why could this dream not be real???  well, it doesn't look like i'll be making it to dominique ansel's bakery in new york city anytime soon, so i may have to try this authentic cronut recipe from the boy who bakes if i keep having cronut dreams like i did wednesday night!

5.  cafeteria classics:  i almost forgot how delicious (and easy to make) sloppy joes were, until i made them last night!  i try not to alter such childhood classics too much, but i made it with ground turkey and served it with an arugula salad... to be healthy and stuff :)  

hah!  have a good weekend!


  1. The paper on the mason jar got a little crinkled. Oops! Can't wait for next summer, wedding twin :)

  2. Rise in Durham has cronuts. You didn't hear that from me ;)