hey, guess what... i can sew!

when i received an invite to a friends baby shower a few weekends ago, i got an itch to get all domestic and make her something, rather than buying something off her baby registry.  while i'm sure she probably could have used the items on her registry more, i really love the idea of giving someone something that you put a little time and thought into... it seems more meaningful.  so after a quick trip to the fabric store, i fired up the sewing machine and made this baby blanket:

 i used this tutorial from a pretty cool life blog.  in my opinion, it was a really easy tutorial for a beginning sewer (as long as you are somewhat familiar with your sewing machine).  i hope baby newman will enjoy his new blanket for many years to come.  i had so much fun making this, and can't wait for my next sewing project... luckily, i have a lot of coworkers who keep having adorable babies, so this shouldn't be a problem ;)

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