welcome, 2014!

can you believe it's 2014?  last year flew by, but was definitely a year to remember.  i don't like to make resolutions since they are normally associated with being "broken" (talk about setting yourself up for failure, haha); however, i do have several goals, if you will, for the upcoming year.

1.  do one thing this year that scares me (this may involve heights.  or frogs.  wait, no.  definitely not frogs.  ugh).
2.  dye my hair red(ish).  something i've been wanting to do for a long time
3.  only buy five products this year "made in china".  i would like to say i'm not going to buy any products made in china, but this is virtually impossible since i've already been trying prior to the new year.  so far so good in 2014, but it's shocking how many products for sale in this country that aren't actually produced here.  just take a look at the target dollar section (or really anything in target) if you don't believe me.
4.  read a book.  front to back.  i can't even tell you how long it's been since i've sat down with a book that i've read in it's entirety.  normally i get bored and give up 3/4 of the way through (also,  i'd like to thank high school english class required summer reading for turning me off of reading).  any suggestions on any good books?
5.  make exercising a priority.  maybe hanging a picture of gisele on my fridge may help?
6.  tackle more sewing projects (already making progress on this one)!
7.  go one month without drinking any alcohol (i chose january, and i'm currently going strong!  next time i do this, i may choose a shorter month, like february).

okay, that's a good start right?  i'm so happy 2014 is here, as there are many things for me to look forward to (a trip to chicago with my girls, my wedding, my honeymoon, lots of time with family, etc).  i figured i'd give 2013 a proper (and belated) goodbye, by sharing a few pics from some of my favorite moments of 2013.  enjoy.

   i started the year off right with a trip to puerto rico with two of my favorite gals!

i spent lots of time with this little nugget, here ^^^

and here!^^^

 oh wait, one more!^^^

st. patty's day was a blast (as are all holidays centered around drinking alcohol, in my opinion)!

i went on a farm tour and got up close and personal with some super cute cows!

we went on an epic fishing trip with the family (and my dad's friend).

we took an impromptu (and slightly cool) trip to wrightsville beach.  we love that place!

then there was that day in may when we were in jamaica (may 6 to be exact) and cory asked me to marry him.  definitely the highlight of the year!

thanks for all of the excellent memories 2013, you were a very good year.

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  1. I love your pictures from the year! So cute. Great goals too- I can't wait to see you with red hair! Also if you need a book to read... The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is the last book I read. I laughed and cried, stayed up till 2am reading and finished it in two days.