five on friday 11.8.13

friday = linkup time!

1.  one thing i really love about north carolina, is the fact that we get to experience all four seasons (as opposed to florida where the four seasons are: summer, hot summer, really hot summer and sweat your buns off really hot summer).  i can't get over these beautiful fall colors lately, i'm especially partial to the yellows!

2.  i've been pretty under the weather this week... say hello to my little friends^^^  those puffs plus vicks are the greatest things since sliced bread!

3.  i have to admit that when i saw the title of this article (marriage isn't for you) and opened it, i was not expecting to read such a profound stance on marriage.  honestly, i've never thought of marriage in this light, but now i wouldn't see it any other way.  to quote the article, "marriage is not about you.  marriage is about the person you married."

4. this may be due to my slight obsession with my new favorite tv show, american horror story: coven, but i am really into the cape trend for this fall/winter.  i think they look so stylish and glamorous.  they have the ability to transform your average boots and jeans into a completely stylish ensemble!

5.  finally, how amazing are these guys?^^^  i love this!

hooray for the weekend!  i hope it's a great one :)


  1. hi from the linkup, beauty! i'm a NC lady too!! :)

    love those fall pictures...and, girl. as a former kindergarten teacher (aka bffs with the common cold), i KNOW those kleenex are lifechanging! ;) seriously the best.

    hope you're feeling 100% again soon!
    happy friday!

    1. thanks elsie! you're so sweet, and you're right... those kleenex are lifechanging (especially when exposed to 5-6 year olds on a regular basis, i can imagine)! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. I absolutely loved the article on marriage, too. I actually blogged about it this week. Stopping by from the link-up. Have a great weekend!