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well, i've finally recovered from my food coma from our visit to nashville, and managed to download our pictures (and make a little video too, of course).  we visited nashville in early october of last year for a vanderbilt vs. florida game (go gators)!  we had a wonderful time, but definitely decided that we needed to come back for a longer stretch of time to enjoy all that nashville has to offer.  when we saw that one of our favorite bands, shovels and rope, would be performing at the ryman auditorium (the original site of the grand ole opry, by the way) in february, we figured it would be the perfect opportunity to book a return getaway.  here's a look at our getaway (sorry for the ridiculous amount of photos... there's just so much goodness in nashville):

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 we arrived in nashville crazy early (7:45 am to be exact), so our first stop was to the famous biscuit love.  it just so happened to be conveniently located across the street from our hotel, so we actually went there for breakfast twice.  if you go, you MUST get the "bonuts" (see above).  seriously, life changing.

check-in time at our hotel wasn't for a few hours, so we decided to walk to broadway and do some sightseeing!

the world famous tootsies (last time we were in nashville, kid rock gave an impromptu performance here)!


nashville has the coolest floors!

hanging out at the ernest tubb record shop.

we visited the johnny cash museum, which was really cool!  it was really neat to see the handwritten notes by johnny cash describing all of his personal items.  so much nostalgia!

no big deal, just handwritten lyrics to "folsom prison blues" and a few grammys.

guitar designed and played by johnny (this particular one had a beautiful mother of pearl inlay)!

this dress was worn by reese witherspoon in the movie, walk the line!

dolly! 😍

more dolly!! 😍😍

no better way to wait to check-into your hotel room, than with a beer on broadway!

we finally checked in to the hotel!  we stayed at the thompson nashville, and it's definitely in the top five fanciest hotels i've ever stayed at!  also... quick question... is it normal to have emotional feelings for a bathroom?  because this one got me like 🙌

complimentary bathrobes and slippers???  this hotel spares no expense!

adorable patsy cline sketch!

see!  cool floors!

dear interior designer for thompson hotels,
please come to my house next!
-thanks, beth

more cool floors!

guitar laden wall

the perfect boots for cory!  too bad they were over $2000 😳

i had some of the best bloody mary's of my life on this trip!  notice the freshly sliced jalapeno floating about!

i had more hot nashville chicken than the law should allow!

afternoon cocktails at our hotel!

getting ready for the shovels & rope show at the ryman!

our seats were pretty decent! 😜

they do this really cute thing where they share a microphone and rock out!  #relationshipgoals

we even scored a copy of the setlist they used!

my favorite part of our last day was spent lounging on the rooftop of our hotel (l.a. jackson).  we could not have asked for better weather in february (70 degrees, y'all), and the view was incredible!  we enjoyed (some more, haha) bloody mary's, prosecco and beer... and may have toyed with the idea of moving to nashville after consuming said drinks (hey, it is exactly 8 hours from nashville to each of our hometowns.  just sayin').

nashville, you're pretty cool!  till next time!

some other places on our itinerary i would recommend (wherever you go, try to make reservations):

pinewood social: brunch, dinner or drinks & bowling... you can't go wrong with this place
merchants restaurant: we opted for the more casual dining downstairs.  great food and service!
saint añejo: go here for brunch on the weekend.  two for one cocktails and excellent food!
the station inn:  bluegrass dive bar, with reasonably priced beer.
skulls rainbow room:  great late night hangout, in the heart of downtown.
the stillery:  first come, first serve on the top floor... wonderful food & live music!
e. allen boutique:  adorable clothes, great place to shop for a day or night out on the town.

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