timmy the tortoise

my mom boasts many talents and lovely attributes, but i have to say her ability to nurture is up there with the likes of mother teresa.  to have her as a mother, is to truly know what being loved is.  in her mind, there is no sacrifice too small for your children.... or your pets (who she also considers her children).  my mom has helped take care of many family pets over the years.  she even adopted my dog bentley about five years ago... he went to my parents house for a summer vacation and decided he loved it there so much that he wanted to stay there permanently :)  

when my mom realized a baby tortoise made his home in their backyard under a rock she placed in her garden, her need to nurture instantly kicked in and she took him under her amazing mama wing.  the tortoise "timmy" (lovingly named after gainesville's pride and joy, tim tebow) has been living in my parents yard for a few years now.  my mom checks on him daily, helps keep the entrance to his tortoise den clean, and hand feeds him kale and various other foods tortoises enjoy eating!  it's really the cutest thing i've ever seen.  during my last visit home i snapped a few pictures of my mom and her pet, timmy:

isn't he simply adorable?  i just want to kiss that sweet tortoise nose!  below is a little video i made of my mom feeding him grapes...

welcome to the family, timmy (for the next, er... hundred years or so!)

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