snow day!

earlier this week we had a bit of a snow day in north carolina!  although i may not get as excited as most people about snowy days (ya know, since hospitals never close... gotta go to work), i do feel a tinge of excitement when i see fresh snowflakes falling.  it's fascinating how silent the world becomes, and absolutely beautiful to watch the snowflakes dance around in the sky.  after covering a few shifts at the hospital over 24 hours, i managed to get a day off mid-week, so i did what any 32 year old woman would do on a snow day all to herself... i slept in, stayed in my leggings all day, drank hot coffee and took pretty pictures of the snow!  here's a look:

the birds were going crazy in our backyard!  they were jumping around, and chasing each other on the ground in the snow!  it seems like they get just as excited about those lovely snowflakes as much as we do :)

hi, baby bird.

not gonna lie... i popped this snowball into my mouth and ate it after i took this picture :)

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