wedding guestbook quilt

i finally got around to making our wedding quilt (which doubled as our guestbook)!  i used the same tutorial that i used for this baby blanket, but i changed the dimensions to a twin-sized quilt.  i pre-cut the quilt squares/flag pennants, and laid out fabric markers for people to sign them with at the reception.  it turned out exactly as i imagined, and i'm really excited that i created our first family heirloom!  i especially enjoy glancing at it and reminiscing about that special day, and all the special people in our lives who were there.

here are a few of my favorites:
the peach polka-dot flags are from a small batch of fabric my grandma gave me when i was a kid (we both shared a love for sewing).  she and i were very close, and even though she passed away over 16 years ago... i felt like she was right there next to me the whole day.  i'm glad i could incorporate a small part of her into the quilt, too.

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