honeymoon: part one

a few days after our wedding, cory and i decided to go to the mall to shop for honeymoon clothes.  i saw a super-cute dress in the storefront of madewell, so i made a break for it while cory went into banana republic for a bit.  i found a few cute things, slipped into the dressing room, and was doing my best marilyn monroe pose in front of the mirror (what, you don't do that)... when i hear a shuffle outside and loud voice with a michigan accent saying "oh, i'm just in here looking for my wife."  and i realize... it's cory... i mean, my husband.  i have a husband.  it's really weird, but really fun to call someone your husband at first.  it just makes you feel kind of giddy inside, like we just did this together, just you and me.  i hope that feeling never goes away.  anyways, we just returned from the first leg of our honeymoon.  we visited sandals grande riviera in ocho rios, jamaica.  it was incredibly beautiful, and was indulgent in every sense of the word.  there was lots of eating, drinking, tanning, eating, kayaking, drinking, napping, eating, drinking, snorkeling, dancing, drinking and sleeping.  haha.  it was a great week, but i have to say... i'm glad we are back in the states where we both feel a bit more responsible with a greater sense of self-control.  here are just a few photos from our amazing week in jamaica.

     ^^^leaving the airport in style

we took a catamaran cruise to dunn's river falls.  i may or may not have fallen on my butt during the 20 minute hike up the falls.

only one fedora per crew.


^^^gimme dat tree!

 ^^^this guy was awesome... until he lost his balance and cory's drink spilled all over me.  but hey, it's jamaica, mon.

 i like to call this photo, "swiss family trottier."

my fourth of july breakfast.  cafe au lait and croissant.

 our chill spot.


oh jamaica sunsets... you rock my world.

we are now onto the second leg of our honeymoon... wrightsville beach, north carolina!  (seriously...we couldn't let our systems go completely into shock by going immediately back to work).  it is definitely nice to have something to look forward to upon our arrival back from jamaica, and we are so excited to spend a few days at some of our favorite spots in north carolina.

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  1. I was thinking about you guys in Jamaica, having a great time, and it made me smile. I hope your transition back to the real world goes well. Love y'all!!!