thanksgiving 2013: sinkholes, shotguns, and seminoles

we went (to my) home in florida to visit my parents for thanksgiving in november.  we ate lots (and i mean, lots!) of yummy food, spent tons of quality time as a family (this includes the dogs, because they're family too after all), and we even got to soak in some warm weather while we were at it!  score! all in all, we had a lovely time!  i've said it before, but going home is like therapy for me.  there's just something so wonderful about being surrounding by such familiarity.  i try not to take it for granted, as i know not everyone is as fortunate as i am to have their childhood home to go back to... but i take such comfort knowing that my "home" will always be this this cozy little stucco house on a two way street smack-dab in the middle of florida!  where the air always smells sweet, the crickets outside the window play their songs for you every night before bed, and where there are two pairs of the most loving arms that give the greatest hugs...mom and dad, of course :)  here are a few highlights from our turkey day vacay.

 my mom's sweet welcome note.

my nephew, brian.  only this cutie could get away with an icing mustache like that!

cory, embracing the "buckley lifestyle" with my dad and brother.

we attended the florida vs. fsu game... okay, i don't want to talk about that anymore :(

grace (my niece) rocking her handmade glow-in-the-dark accessories!

i loved catching up with my brother over drinks.  it's been years!

bentley, my love <3

sadie, my parent's dog.  she's such a sweet 'ol gal.  also, try not to be too jealous of my parent's sweet boombox in the background :)

my precious parents!

we went for a lovely hike down devil's millhopper (the local sinkhole.  no really!)

fauna.  flora.


"always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name" -the avett brothers

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