short film: michigan vacay

here's a little video i put together from our vacay to michigan last week.  we had a really wonderful time (so wonderful in fact, i forgot was unable to capture it on film.  whoops.).  if i had to use three words to describe the trip. . . i'd say sunshine, lakes, and fish flies.


 just for fun, here's a pic of us at lake michigan.  as a floridian, i've always been told to stay out of lakes if you cherish life (too many poisonous creatures and man-killing reptiles).  but, the great lakes are completely different and so beautiful!  i can see why people really love summertime in michigan.


  1. ugh, those flies! Other than that, looks really pretty!

  2. Aww! Never thought I'd say it, but I miss the Great Lakes! Glad you had fun, but I am happy you're back in good old NC :)