five on friday

i'm back. . . and it's time for five on friday!!

1.  long days and warm nights are reason enough for me to nominate summer as my favorite season!  running on the treadmill doesn't even compare to running outside in nature.  i'm thankful that the summer season allows me to fit this activity into my schedule, rather than slaving away in the gym everyday (and by everyday. . . i mean several times a month, hah).

2.  gotta love impromptu barbeques with good friends!

3.  ^^this dress i ordered from ruche this week.  although it's straight out of the box and could use a little assistance from a garment steamer. . . i'm in love with this adorable, vintagesque cockatoo print.  it's so different!

4.  i really like this diy song lyric painting from a beautiful mess.  i will definitely be making a few of these for around the house.  now. . . if i can just narrow down the endless arsenal of my favorite song lyrics of all time.

5.  finally, i really enjoy stumbling on old photos from my childhood.  i miss those days more than words can express.  see. . . i even loved summertime when i was a kiddo!  also, check out my sweet shades.


  1. Ryan looks like a creep in that picture with the koozie! Haha.

    I looooove that dress! I also love your Mickey Mouse shirt! I'm pretty sure I had one of those back in the day also :)

  2. That dress! How freaking cute! And, you are right...nothing better than an impromptu get-together with friends!
    Enjoyed stopping by your blog. Great Five on Friday picks!

    Amy @ http://giftedgabber.blogspot.com/

  3. Love the idea of painting lyrics to your favorite songs. Have been obsessed with typography lately!

    Have a great weekend.