farmers market

last weekend, i woke up early and visited the raleigh farmers market with my good friend katie.  we stocked up on lots of delicious summer produce at amazing prices!  in my opinion, there's nothing better than being surrounded by the smell of fresh peaches, bouquets of flowers, and fresh baked breads and pastries. 
 we met up with our friend wendy, who showed us the "ins and outs" of the farmers market.  she's lived in the triangle for a while, and is a seasoned veteran of the raleigh farmers market.  she knew which stands had the best produce at the best prices.  thanks, wendy!
and, can i just say. . . this white chocolate baguette from la farm bakery, has changed my life.


  1. Mmmmmm, that white chocolate baguette was so good! Can't wait to go back :)

  2. The farmer's market looks lovely!

    1. it was so much fun! i just wish i could wake up earlier on the weekends to make it a regular thing :)