pink & gold baby shower brunch

this past weekend, i had the honor of throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends!  i've always wanted to host a baby shower, so (since i've been beaten to the punch before) i told katie i would definitely be in charge of her baby shower as soon as she told me she was pregnant!  i had so much fun planning and executing this shower, and i can't wait to the meet her sweet little bundle of joy!  here's a few photos from the day...

a baby headband station

the finished creations!

katie decided on a travel-themed nursery for the baby, so i figured a globe guestbook would make for a cute accessory for the baby's room!

fresh roses may have to become a permanent staple in my house!

what baby shower wouldn't be complete without a champagne bar?

thank you gifts!

the spread!

louie loved meeting and cuddling with all of his work-aunts  :)

he also managed to find the biggest dog lover in the group :)

headband makin'

so many presents!

someone took notice of katie's love for chambray clothing :)

^^^so true!

katie, i hope you had a great shower, and i can't wait to be an aunt to another beautiful baby girl!


  1. love this!! Where did you get the headbands?

    1. Thanks Robyn! I got the headbands on CLEARANCE at my local Michaels. This was a year ago, so they may not still be available. There are some available on etsy, just search "baby elastic headbands" and many different styles and options will pop up.