nutella latte

i had my first nutella latte probably about seven years ago at the iconic cafe bonaparte in georgetown.  it was love at first sip!  since that time, i've been obsessed with this drink, and have always been on the lookout anytime i go to a big city with fancy brunch situations.  i've had an espresso maker for years, and have never tried making one of my own... crazy, i know!  well friends, today was the day (there's no better excuse than being "snowed in" to finally tackle what one once thought was impossible)!  i'm almost embarrassed to say that it was super easy to make.  here's the step-by-step:

 smear a spoonful (or two) of nutella along the bottom and sides of your mug

 brew your espresso

pour the hot espresso into the mug

steam some milk

add the steamed milk to your mug* (a typical latte has an espresso/milk ratio of 1:3) and top with some of the foamed milk!  i sprinkled the top with a little cocoa (maybe one day i'll figure out how to make those fancy designs in the foam... but that might call for another snow day).  

*tip from a friend:  you can microwave some extra nutella for about 30 seconds and add to your steamed milk for a little extra nutella goodness!

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