the fourth!

cory and i found ourselves with absolutely nothing to do for the fourth.  typically we would be okay with a relaxing weekend at home, but we were both really itching to get out of town.  so we said... let's go to asheville!

if you are looking for a place with good food, excellent beer, nice people and beautiful mountains in every direction... then asheville north carolina is definitely the place for you.  i've been there several times before, but each time i go i can't help but realize there's nowhere else like it!  what a unique city!  it seems like most hotels and restaurants are extremely dog friendly, so there's super cute pooches all over the place which i love (i even saw a woman walking a baby goat on a leash... aaaannnd i'm not gonna lie, i kind of wanted one too).  everywhere you turn, there's adorable little cobblestone-lined streets and alleyways, mirrored with unique shops and restaurants.  in the background you'll hear the most talented musicians (lots of bluegrass bands and country duos), just trying to get their name out there and earn a few bucks!  there's even little community vegetable gardens growing amongst the rubble of old parking lots!  asheville has a charm like no other, with so much to see and do.  it certainly made for a fun impromptu fourth of july getaway.  i have so much fun making these little videos, so i decided to compose one...

... along with a few photos (warning: most photos are food and beer related).

we didn't mind the drive at all!  it was so scenic!

we had a lovely stay at the hotel indigo!

most of the hotels we stay at, i feel dirtier getting out of the shower than i did getting in.... that was not the case here!  our room had a glass-enclosed shower that really made me feel like i was in a spa!!

after we settled in at the hotel, we quickly consulted yelp to find the nearest brewery, which led us to wicked weed brewing.

north carolina beer is no joke, y'all.

hers: freak of nature double IPA/his: sweet talker IPA

what can i say... i'm a sucker for a cool lightbulb!

the back patio at wicked weed!

reading everyone's comments was really fun.  obviously a group of teenage girls had just visited this wall.  although, i wouldn't object to meeting ed sheeran.... or being a super model.

a double-decker bus turned dessert bar???  yes please!

see?  cute streets!

if you're looking for a great bite to eat downtown, i highly recommend pack's tavern.

just another day... posin' with a gargoyle.

roses are one of my favorite things about summer (especially peach ones).

omg you guys.  sunshine sammies has been on my food truck bucket list for almost a year, and i was more than happy to oblige and check it off this past weekend.

i went with the funky monkey: banana pudding ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies with a peanut butter drizzle on top.  HOLY YUM!!!

fun random bluegrass band!

we happened upon this gem of a place for brunch on saturday, mayfel's.

how could you not love a restaurant with multiple chandeliers hanging from the ceiling?

take note of the bloody mary bar....

... we sure did!

his:  buttermilk fried chicken and biscuits topped with milk gravy, and side of home fries

hers:  the "southern" eggs bendedict.  a fluffy biscuit topped with fried green tomatoes, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  and a side of home fries of course, because... carbs!

i could use one of those coolers...

my man.

for dinner (not that we were hungry, haha) we gave the D.O.G.S. food truck a whirl.  i'm so glad we did!

check out these beauties!  best veggie dog i've ever had!  the parmesan french fries were pretty amazing as well....

also, they have the best tip jar in history.

pre-fireworks selfie

the gold fireworks that slowly fizzle out are by far my favorite!

we hope you and yours had a wonderful and safe fourth!

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