one year of marraige & our first out-of-town house guests!!

i'm a little late in posting this (june was a busy month, but a good one!  whew!), but several weeks ago, cory and i had our first out-of-town visitors!  my parents and mr. bentley!!!  we hadn't seen them since january, so it felt like it had been ages since then (six months really is ages when you are as close as we are)!  i had such a great time prepping our new house for them to see and coming up with an itinerary of some of our favorite places in the area for them to visit.  

the weekend was made extra special, because cory and i celebrated one year of marriage!  i can't believe it's already been a year... time sure does fly.  like most things in life, marriage isn't always easy, but it surely is a rewarding experience where you are constantly learning (not just about your significant other, but about yourself as well).  marriage has definitely introduced me to an entirely new level of patience, teamwork, compassion and forgiveness.  i love you cory.  thank you for being my "other half" and for making me a better person each day.

here's a few pics from the week:

 yay!  they've arrived!

bentley had no trouble finding his food bowl :)

my dad, lounging on our front stoop.

bentley, just doing what he does best... being adorable.

we visited the beautiful grounds of the fearrington village in chapel hill.

a pretty, vibrant flower!

i think i need to hire their landscaper to come take a look at our yard :)

more pretty flowers.

after working up an appetite walking around the gardens at fearrington village, we went to mama dip's in chapel hill!  southern soul food at it finest.  these are the fried green tomatos!

we went on several road trips :)

one of those road trips was to the falls lake dam.

dad at the dam.

i taught mom how to play cornhole!  she was pretty good for a first-timer! (please ignore our neighbors awful looking fence in the background.  at least, that's what i've tried to do for the past two months, grrrr).

bentley, officiating our game of cornhole from the porch.

dad and cory built a super cute birdhouse post for our backyard (bentley officiated that as well).

bentley was so pooped from all of this officiating!

we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary at the iconic angus barn!

delicious complementary pound cake!

i was having a snow white moment.

one year as the trottiers!

 thanks for visiting mom and dad!  we had so much fun and can't wait until next time!  love you soooo much!

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