halloween, baby!

you know you're truly an adult on halloween, when you start caring less about who your friends are dressing up as, and start caring more about the adorable costumes they are dressing their kids in.  well, that was my experience this year at least.  cory and i attended a fun little party with lots of creative costumes... but like i said, all those cute babies kind of stole the show :)  literally though, their mama's basically had to pry them from my arms, so my camera kind of took a backseat for the night... but i did manage to snap a few pics:

forrest and jenny <3

dexter and his victim

santa and mrs. claus... vacation style

two cute mummies!

and adorable peter pan and a very photogenic tinkerbell

and katie, introducing addie rose, as herself :)

all that partying really tuckered that sweet thang out!

vampire cupcakes

"pumpkin" cheeseball

and this is just the risk you take when you fall asleep early at your own party.  sorry, ryan.

alas, another epic johnson halloween party goes down in history!  can't wait until next year... i'm already thinking of costume ideas (i know it's kind of early, but it may indeed take a year to convince cory of some of my ideas.  britney and justin circa 2001 in all demin?)

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