a redhead, a boy and a blog

as some of you may have noticed, i'm a redhead now!  i've been many shades of blonde my entire life, but never really experimented with any other hair color.  i needed a change...and after one visit to the salon and half a block of henna hair dye later i finally achieved the perfect shade of red!  that henna dye is some awesome stuff, it's chemical free so it's really healthy for your hair, and supposedly it lasts longer than traditional dye.  it's a pretty messy and long process though, so if you decide to give it a try be sure to do your research... i placed so many garbage bags around my bathroom sink and floor for protection, that it ended up looking like a kill-room from dexter.  it's totally worth the process in my opinion, i love my new color!  i don't think i'm ready to change the name of my blog or anything just yet... i'm sure i'll go back to blonde eventually, but this is such a fun and welcome change for now :)

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