key west: part two (exploring + a video)

this post features the rest of our vacation... which basically consists of eating and drinking our way through key west!  haha.  just kidding... there were many sights to be seen, including the waterfront and mallory square, the southermost point, and many of hemmingway's hangouts, but one of my favorite activities was walking around the quieter streets (away from duval) and admiring all of the beautiful pastel-colored homes with adorable white picket fences in the front.  i have a few picked out to purchase for that one day when i become wealthy!  don't worry, you guys can all come for a visit  :)  there were several things on the itinerary we didn't get a chance to check out (all the reason to go back), but we checked almost everything off the list.

one fun fact i learned about myself while in the keys, i have gephyrophobia (a fear of driving over bridges)!  who knew?  has anyone else ever experienced this?  i can tell you firsthand, having a panic attack while driving on a 7-mile long bridge is no fun.

anyhow, below is a video (because i truly enjoy looking back on those, better than pictures), along with a few photos of some of our favorite spots:

mile marker 0!!!

garbo's grill food truck (see the fish tacos, below)

these were the best fish tacos i've ever had! fresh grilled mahi, cilantro, cabbage, sliced jalapenos and mango topped with a creamy caribbean sauce.  my mouth is watering at just the sight of them.

bo's fish wagon... the best conch fritters (see below) ↓

my birthday dinner at the thirsty mermaid

no better way to celebrate, than with a glass of rosé!

bougainvillea plants give me all the feels

these beautifully colored roosters roam all over the island!

the steamed clams at half shell raw bar were super yummy!

i'll take this adorable little bungalow!

i had to keep holding onto my hats, because it was so windy ;)

actually, i'll take this pink one too!!

sunburns are the new black, i hear...

the best bloody mary bar i've encountered yet, at blue macaw! (who knew pickled pineapple could be so delicious)?  they have a very yummy brunch, too!

alright... throw this one into the real estate shopping cart as well.  if you look closely at the fence, there's tiny carved octopus, with conch shells at the top of the picket!  is that not adorable?!?!

had to get the key lime pie at kermit's

it was delicious!  (husband needs a little work with my camera's focal settings)

other favorites, not pictured:

we wound up each evening at cork and stogie (great beer/cigar selections)
we loved our hotel, la concha (reasonably priced off-season and right on duval st.)
delicious mojitos can be found at the southernmost beach cafe and willie t's

until next time key west (and please let it be sooner, rather than later).

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