date night

cory and i have a little tradition of having a "date night" each week on wednesday night.  it gives us something to look forward to (besides the weekend), and it helps break the week up a little bit too!  it's easy to get stuck in a rut sometimes, going to the same places and doing the same things... so we try to switch it up from time to time by coming up with some fun and fresh ideas!  this week, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by having a little picnic in our backyard while watching the sunset!  we got a little dressed up, snacked on some crackers and brie, and sipped a few beers!  louie joined in on our date night too (he had some cheese and crackers too, hah)!  here's a few other unique date night ideas that are sure to shake things up a bit:
  •  outta town:  cory and i are lucky enough to live in an area where have multiple nearby towns within a reasonable driving distance.  it's always fun to visit a neighboring city for the evening, and see where the night leads you!
  •  take flight:  we are also lucky enough to live in an area with several local breweries :)  sample a flight of unique beers together, and take home a growler of your favorite selection!
  • trade ya:  i recently discovered an awesome peer-to-peer car rental company, turo.  it's the same concept as vrbo or airbnb... but it's cars instead of houses :)  along with a hassle-free rental process, they have a wide variety of cars you can rent including classic and rare cars!  how fun would it be to rent a convertible for the night and go to a drive-in movie... or rent a fast new sports car and go for a fancy dinner?
  • be your own personal chef:  go to your local farmer's market and pick up a few unique, yummy ingredients.  spend the evening in your kitchen at home concocting a new special recipe together!
  • good deeds:  volunteer together at a local animal shelter, nursing home, or soup kitchen.  guaranteed you will meet tons of awesome new people, and you will leave with your heart a little more full than it was before (and maybe a puppy or two)!

here's a few photos from our picnic date night below:

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