topsail beach birthday getaway

this past weekend i rang in my 34th birthday... and we figured there was no better place to celebrate than at the beach!  wrightsville is normally our favorite local beach spot, but they don't allow dogs on the beach in the summer.  and since we planned on bringing our puppy-baby, louie (he is part of the family, after all) we figured we would check out some other beaches nearby where pooches are allowed!  i found a great deal on vrbo for a dog-friendly rental in north topsail beach, so we decided to book it!  

it was louie's first time at the beach (in his lifetime with us, anyways).  at first he was cautious of the water and wasn't too sure what to think!  after he dipped his paws in the water and a small wave crashed into him, he decided that he preferred lounging in the sand instead... under the beach tent, eating dog ice cream, with a fan blowing on him.  haha.  :)  we will make a real beach dog out of him one of these days!  as for us, we did our fair share of lounging in the sun and sand as well.  in addition to lounging... we grilled a lot of food (because it's not a vacation if you're not overeating, in my opinion), we drank a lot of drinks and discovered a yummy mojito recipe (blog post on that coming soon), and we even put a 300-piece puzzle together!  hah.  i had a wonderful time relaxing with my two favorite boys!

so far 34 feels pretty good!  it's really starting to dawn on me though just how quickly life passes you by.  all the little milestones in life... my first car, my first job, graduations, moving away from home, etc. it all literally feel like it was just yesterday!  it's crazy... so enjoy it folks!  anyways, before i get too sappy and nostalgic... i'll share a few photos from the weekend (most of which are of louie.  sorry.  not sorry)!

oh, and a video, too!

not quite the megalodon shark tooth i was hoping for ;)

 louie loved his doggie ice cream!

i figured this squeaky toy would fit the occasion!

 i love the moon in this picture!

 a romantic sunset stroll with my love (cory was there too, haha!)
also, just noticed that plant behind my head makes me look like i'm a who from who-ville!

these beautiful wild flowers were growing all over the island!  

mojito makin'

a delicious watermelon mojito, complete with a sugar cane swizzle stick!

louie partied a little too hard, poor thing!

why are the sunsets always the most beautiful at the beach?

i can't wait to go back and visit topsail beach again (hopefully this summer)!  if you're looking for a relaxing dog-friendly beach in north carolina (or any beach, really), i would recommend it!

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