jamaica 2015: part two

well, it's been exactly one week since husband and i have returned from jamaica, and i think we've finally managed to transition back to life in the real world (although a weekend full of laying pavers in our yard has been enough to make me long for another week-long vacation, haha).  most of the pictures from this post were taken at rick's cafe and the lovely rockhouse hotel, both located on the beautiful scenic cliffs of negril.

our breakfast most mornings...
his: eggs, toast and bacon
 hers: coconut french toast and fresh fruit

allow me to introduce you to the "dirty banana".  this drink is a jamaican specialty, and combines the flavors of banana, coffee, and RUM!  i drank one of these at sunset on the beach most days (and by one... i mean, three).

this adorable dog found a sweet spot under my beach chair a few of the days!  we quickly became friends (i'm sure the snacks i fed her didn't have anything to do with that, though).

i purhcased a jamaican chicken patty from this guy on his bike who was selling them out of a cardboard box.... let's just say, i'm not sorry about it.

you guys, this water is like a bathtub!

see... bathtub.

indulging in a fresh passion fruit!

we got our pics with one of our favorite local celebrities!  what a nice guy he was!

enjoying (another) beautiful sunset over dinner.

we also reenacted our engagement two years to the exact day in the same exact place!  we are such cheeseballs. (also, thank you apple for the improved camera specs on the iphone 6)  :)

the ocean at night (i love how the buoys turned out in this pic, they look like they are on fire!)

this pic is a little blurry (damn you, slow shutter speeds), but this is how the coast looks at night.

enjoying lunch with a lovely view at rick's cafe.

cory sittin' cliffside y'all!

this guy has some serious moxie when it comes to heights...

the entrance to the rockhouse hotel.

one of the many pathways over the cliffs.  i could seriously get used to this place.

a view from the bar at some of the private rooms with their very own cliffs!  i know where we are staying next time we are in negril.

amazing views everywhere you turn.

the grounds of the rockhouse were beautifully landscaped!

cliffs, mangrove trees, turquoise water, wooden pathways... how could you not fall in love with this place?

pretty hibuscus flower.

all of the tropical plants reminded me of florida, especially the bright bougainvillea.

sweet baby jesus... how soon can we go back?

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