five on friday 3.13.15

err, happy friday the thirteenth?  coincidentally, my last five on friday post was on a friday the thirteenth... so what better time to re-join the link-up than today?  here goes...

1.  yes, this is a picture of my favorite blogger taza and her son samson... but (for once), i'm not obsessing over her.  for this five on friday, i've decided to sign up for the capture real life in 52 weeks e-course from a beautiful mess.  with a focus on different techniques including freelensing and lens flare, this may just be the perfect tool to make me truly comfortable with my canon.  i may also incorporate whatever technique i've learned for the week into a weekly blog post (two birds, one stone).

2.  upon my journey of becoming a blonde again, my hair has been completely fried due to multiple highlighting and toning processes.  i started my own form of grapeseed oil treatments, and it really bring new life to my hair.  you can read more about the benefits here, but essentially, the steps are really easy and are as follows:
  •  ensure that your husband, boyfriend, significant other, etc., is away from your general vicinity, as this process is not very glamorous
  • douse hair in grapeseed oil (any type will do).  this step is best done over the kitchen sink
  • wrap hair tightly around your head in plastic wrap
  • wrap an old towel tightly around your head to help absorb any dripping oil
  • keep it in your hair for as long as you like, i've found doing this in the early evening and sleeping with the oil in my hair overnight works best
  • rinse your hair with a clarifying shampoo, i like this one
  • comb and dry hair....bam! now you have lush, soft and shiny hair 

3.  ever since i've seen another one of my favorite bloggers in a similar pair, i have been searching far and wide for a pair of red ankle boots for-ev-er!  i finally found these!  i received them yesterday, and they are exactly what i was looking for (bonus: they're super comfortable too).  i think they will be the perfect boot to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring.

4.  i cannot wait for the downtown raleigh st. patrick's day festival tomorrow!  the husband and i have been every year since we met, and always have the best time (from what we can remember, haha).

5.  i love when boredom + netflix = amazing doc discoveries.  earlier this week, i stumbled upon this little gem, "plastic paradise: the great pacific garbage patch".  i highly recommend this if you haven't seen it.  this film is extremely enlightening and eye-opening, yet the realization of what we are doing to our planet is horrifying.  it really will change the way you look at things.  the same night i watched this, i made tacos for dinner... i was shocked at the amount of plastic i threw away just as a result of this one little dinner.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and have a safe and very happy st. patrick's day!

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  1. I will definitely be sharing that documentary with my husband - it's totally up his alley! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston