christmas tree pickin'

new trottier christmas tradition:  drive to western north carolina to one of the many christmas tree farms, cut down the most beautiful tree, strap it to the car, then drive back to raleigh and decorate it.

we spent last weekend in boone north carolina.  we were mostly there to cut down a live frasier fir for our house this christmas... but, as you all know, the husband i can't visit a new town and not check out the local shopping and beer options.  we had fun perusing at mast general store and had an amazing dinner followed by a few ipa's at lost province brewing company.  if you live in north carolina and have never been to boone, you should definitely go.  no matter where you are, you're surrounded by beautiful rolling mountains.  there's lots of great restaurants, a few good breweries, and for the most part the people were really nice and laid back.  here's a few photos from the christmas tree farm we visited:

just a little tip from me to you:  don't wear nice shoes when picking out a christmas tree

yay!  that's our tree... and it's taller than cory!

all set to head back to raleigh

^^^that view!  excuse me, is this house for sale?

here she is in all of her glory!  needless to say, our house smells pretty good right now.  i love our (not so little) tree, and it really makes me wish christmas was 365 days a year.  what a fun little weekend excursion we had... makes me super excited for all the christmases to come!

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