five on friday 6.13.14

it's friday the 13th! i also feel that i should warn you about the full moon tonight as well... i'm not normally superstitious, but if a black cat crosses my path tomorrow or if my lunch total comes to $6.66, i may just crawl under a rock and stay there all day just to be safe.  they say bad luck comes in threes...okay, maybe i am superstitious.

1.  as i was cruising through my neighborhood yesterday, i noticed that one of my crafty neighbors constructed an herb garden out of a wooden pallet, similar to this one.  i love cooking with fresh herbs, but just don't have the room to place tons of flower pots all over the yard... so this would be a great way to conserve space, show some love to an old pallet, and add a bit of curb appeal to the house!

2.  i was so pumped when i discovered just this week, that my all-time favorite novel as a young adult, "the giver" by lois lowry, is being adapted into a film due out august 15!  i was even more excited to find out that alexander skarsgård is a member of the cast ;) see the official movie trailer here.

3.  can i get a "hell yes" for the second season of OITNB?  i'm trying to practice restraint, and not binge watch the entire season in one sitting.  its really really hard.

4.  a friend introduced me to this black bean spinach enchiladas recipe.  they are so yummy and i can't get enough of them!  bonus: after a bit of prep...these freeze really well for a quick weeknight meal (just follow the directions at the end of the recipe).

5.  i believe kim kardashian started the "mermaid shot" instagram craze... but the beauty department has provided a step by step tutorial on the best/easiet way to capture the water flip trick.  as i will have lots of free time in the pool/beach on my honeymoon in a few weeks.... you can expect a few pics of me doing this, haha :)

happy friday... and don't break any mirrors, walk under any ladders, or open an umbrella indoors.  just sayin'

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