life, lately.

things have been pretty quiet on this blog of mine lately, indulge me while i catch you up on my life as of late...

in early september (yes, forever ago) cory and i attended a gator football game in my lovely hometown of gainesville, florida.  we had an especially great time tailgating (but seriously, who could have a bad time tailgating??).  i even ran into some amazing old college friends i hadn't seen in years (never met a kimmel i didn't like) and had a great time catching up/reminiscing about the good ol' days!  the gators won (yay!), even though the rest of their football season has been less than stellar :(  oh well, maybe next year.

late september, we went to the bluegrass festival in downtown raleigh and had a rootin' tootin' good time!

been enjoying lots of fall fruits...

and fro yo dates.

someone turned thirty two on october 4, (hint: the person wearing a sparkly headband)...

and we celebrated with a redwings victory against the hurricanes!!
my bff dealt some devastating news (for me, anyways) when she told me she and her family were moving to the much too far away state of wisconsin at the end of october.  we had a very nice girls-only farewell dinner, and alice and i even traded socks and shoes!  

while i'm happy for my bff and the new opportunities coming her way... i myself have gone through the full cycle of the k├╝bler-ross model for the five stages of grief:
1.  denial that this was acutally happening
2.  anger (not really, but i didn't really have time to wallow in this stage with such short notice)
3.  bargaining.  begging her not to go (or, at least leave alice with me. c'mon, at least?!?!)
4.  depression.  we are talking deep and dark.
5.  and finally, acceptance.

okay, maybe i'm being a bit dramatic...but seriously, i will definitely miss my dear friend and my sweet adorable alice.  on the upside, this means lots of face time and vacations to wisconsin (in the summer, of course).  good luck, raphael family!  i love you guys.

and finally, we visited the north carolina state fair last week for date night last week!  we rode a few of our favorite rides and stuffed our faces with fried cheese, corn dogs and pretzels.  we left in one piece and never contracted e. coli... which, in my opinion, makes for a pretty successful evening at the fair!

thanks for catching up with me... i'll try to not let several months to pass before my next post (again). ;)

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  1. Awww, you are too sweet! We miss you terribly! Alice says "Abba" all the time. Most recently at the mall when passing by a shoe store with boots in the window. She pointed to one pair and said "Mommy shoes" she pointed at another pair and said "Abba shoes." We must facetime soon.